Working Winds
As warm winds remove winter's cover of ice and snow,
So does soul-filled ceremony reveal Self and Spirit in right relation.

Ritual, Ceremony and Retreats

Inviting Spirit * Courting Creator * Evolving Ego * Enlivening Self

We work with people at times of life transition and re-dedication
when they seek to welcome and thank Spirit in their lives. Occasions include:

~ Joining Ceremonies, Marriage and Hand-fasting ~
~ Celebrating Cycles of the Moon, Seasons and Solstices ~
~ Drumming Journeys, Soul Retrieval & Extraction, Recapitulation ~
~ Transitioning - Birthdays, Separation, Divorce, Births, Adoptions, Funerals ~
~ Clearing & Dedicating Home, Office Space, Land
Creating Altars & Household Ritual ~

We look forward to creating with you ritual and ceremony for your benefit,
for all our Relations, and Spirit ever present in our lives. We work with
individuals, families, groups of friends or co-workers.

P.O. Box 1748, Klamath Falls, OR 97601